Meat Free Week?

Strange though it might seem, I’m doing a series of blogs in support of Meat Free Week, starting today and running til Friday. Before you fling accusations of hypocrisy at me, let me explain myself a little. My blogs are for World Land Trust, who are involved in the project for reasons of conservation; specifically, the deforestation required globally to house and feed the hordes of livestock we eat.

The aim is to encourage people to think about where their food comes from and to eat less and better meat – wild or happily farmed, local or sustainable – and although some of my recipes will be fully vegetarian, others will look at different ways of consuming meat, as I always try to. I hope this is a thing that people can get on board with.

You can read my first guest blog here; more about the WLT’s involvement here; and have a read about MFW in general over here. I promise not to get too preachy.


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